Essential Items for Nurses

  1. Sneakers: Since you're going to be on your feet for over 12 hours. I recommend a comfortable pair of sneakers.

  2. Stethoscope: Buy yourself a light stethoscope. Preferably a Littman.

  3. Watch: A watch with second hand and a rubber strap. Don't buy a watch with a leather strap, it will get soaked.

  4. Pens: Cheap black colored Pens. You'll lose them and you will need to replace them often.

  5. Scissors: Surgical steel 5" scissors

  6. Sharpie: Black thin tip permananet marker.

  7. Retractable id Card Holder: It will save you from having to lean down to scan in to the door or computer.

  8. Healthy Snacks: Dried fruit, Mountain Mix, Raisins. Anything that you can eat quickly and pack in your pocket.