Do something outdoors

I'm sure we've all experienced cabin fever over the last few months. Now that Spring has finally arrived are you taking advantage of the warmer weather. Do something outdoors! Get out and walk along a nearby trail, around the block or to the local coffee shop instead of driving. Your heart will thank you and you will notice that you will have more energy!

Get your endorphins flowing by taking a quick walk..... You may not feel like doing it now but you'll feel great afterwards. Besides the vitamin D that we soak up in the sun will help you sleep better. That's right. It's been proven that we need sunlight for vitamin D and the production of melatonin which will help you sleep better at night. Commit to competing in a run, walk, bike in an event that will hold you accountable. You will be more inclined to train and actually follow through with your goal. Lastly, find a workout partner and hold each other accountable.

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